ECOMON Energy Monitor

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Whether your goal is to save costs, improve indoor environmental quality, reduce environmental impacts, or gain green building certifications, EcoMon systems can help. Our mission is to support the green building and energy transition with good data and systems intelligence.

Green Star Building Metering and Monitoring
EcoMon can supply Green Star compliant and affordable energy metering and monitoring systems for your green building.

Commercial Building Submetering
EcoMon can monitor Electricity, Water and Gas usage as well as Indoor Air Quality from one convenient, secure and easy to use system.

Green Homes
EcoMon can monitor complex home systems such as solar, batteries, heating, hot water and electric cars, so you can understand and manage your energy usage.

Virtual Powerplants (VPP) and Demand Response
EcoMon can monitor and control circuits. We partner with energy organisations to go behind the meter – allowing many distributed devices to play a part in stabilising the grid through demand response.

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Why Use EcoMon?

solar hot water

      Uses For ECOMON

  • Businesses and home enthusiasts who want to understand their energy use across multiple systems such as solar, batteries, HVAC, hot water, and electric vehicles.
  • Controlling specific energy circuit issues – such as switching off hot water system electric boosters off during the day to stop them competing with solar hot water panels.
  • Green Star Design and As-Built metering and monitoring credit compliance.
  • Checking specific circuits and building systems for issues such as overuse of power, or for excessive out of hours usage. EcoMon has built in monitoring that will send monthly reports and also notification reports for when energy, water or gas usage limits have been exceeded.
  • Green Star Performance monitoring for buildings. We make it simpler to monitor buildings for energy pathway C and D compliance.
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Additional capabilities for building environmental monitoring:

  • We can monitor and log indoor air quality for compliance with Green Star performance IEQ credits. IEQ monitoring options include temperature, humidity, CO, CO2, and PM2.5.
  • We can monitor and log PM2.5 in indoor environments to ensure that OHS limits have not been exceeded for bushfire smoke or other airborne pollution.
  • EcoMon has pulse meter inputs that will monitor water and natural gas usage as part of the same package. We are able to provide wireless transmission from Gas and Water meters back to the EcoMon unit.
  • Energy Demand Response controls.  EcoMon can send turn-down signals to air conditioners and a range of other building systems.  EcoMon has been used by the CSIRO in partnership ARENA as the basis for a Virtual Power Plant.
  • commercial heat pump

    Benefits of EcoMon

  • One robust integrated package for all your building energy monitoring needs.
  • Can be retrofitted into most buildings, giving flexibility and not locking users into one proprietary brand
  • Support from experienced building energy auditors and installers.
  • Works independently of other Building Management Systems (BMS) increasing security as there is an ‘air gap’ between the EcoMon energy management interface and other critical building systems.
  • Data is stored and accessed directly on the EcoMon device, not exported off-site so you retain control and ownership of your data.
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