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Our Focus

Organica Engineering is a niche company specialising in integrating sustainable design into the built environment.

We imagine buildings, infrastructure and cities that enhance the environment while improving people’s lives.

We aim to achieve this by integrating the principles of environmental engineering and sustainability into organisations, buildings and infrastructure projects.
We help our clients to become more sustainable – enhancing social value, building natural capital, and making buildings and operations more efficient and profitable. Our services include consulting, training, workshops and consultation, engineering design, and software development.

Our vision is of a compelling 21st century where the process of balancing outcomes for people, profit, and planet delivers great synergistic outcomes. 

What we can do for you

Sustainable Design Assessment in Planning

Organica Engineering has helped many Councils design and implement their sustainable design in planning SDAPP programs, including providing consulting, implementation and training support. We have also helped many Councils implement sustainable design into their capital works and facility management programs.
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Green Star and ESD Engineering

We help Green Star projects get the certification outcome that they are targeting through a deep understanding of the Green Star rating system. We have extensive experience in designing, auditing and reviewing the designs of Green Star buildings.
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Smart Cities

Organica Engineering uses the latest technology to help our clients achieve their Sustainability Goals.

 This includes developing the InSite Water software and the Ecomon utility monitoring system.
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Management Consulting and Training

Sustainable Design has transformed the development industry in recent years. Organica Engineering has played a central role in this transformation, allowing many organisations and major projects to improve their policies and processes, upgrade their buildings, and achieve Australian excellence or world leadership in their building projects.
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Who We Are

At Organica Engineering, we are not just a consultancy; we are a collective of passionate individuals dedicated to shaping a sustainable future. Our roots are deeply embedded in the belief that every business, regardless of its size or industry, has the potential to make a positive impact on the world. This belief drives us to go beyond the conventional, to think outside the box, and to craft solutions that are both innovative and environmentally responsible.

Our team is a diverse blend of seasoned professionals and enthusiastic young minds, each bringing their own unique expertise and perspective to the table. Together, we form a dynamic synergy, constantly learning from one another and pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the realm of sustainability.

But what truly sets us apart is our approach. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we take the time to understand the intricacies of each project, to listen to our clients, and to co-create strategies that are both effective and feasible. We see ourselves as partners in your sustainability journey, providing the expertise and support you need every step of the way.

Organica Engineering is more than just a name; it's a promise. A promise to deliver excellence, to stay true to our values, and to always strive for a better, more sustainable future.

Our Vision

At Organica Engineering, our vision is clear – to pave the way for a future where sustainability is not just an option but a norm. We envision cities where buildings are not just structures but living, regenerative entities that coexist harmoniously with the environment, fostering a culture of green living and promoting well-being for all.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower organizations, government bodies, and communities to embrace sustainable practices through strategic planning and implementation. We are here to guide you in navigating the complex landscape of sustainability, offering solutions that are not just environmentally friendly but also technically sound, economically viable, and socially responsible.


Organica Engineering provides exceptional value in the delivery of these services.  Organica Engineering has worked extensively with construction companies and all levels of government in tackling a range of sustainability issues such as: energy and water efficiency, Sustainability Strategy development and implementation, toolkit development and Green Star certification.

Ian Adams: Dedicated Advocate for Sustainable Development

Ian Adams, the guiding force behind Organica Engineering Pty Ltd, has devoted his career to fostering sustainable and green building initiatives. As the Director and a Sustainability and Environmental Engineer, Ian leverages a solid educational foundation in Environmental and Sustainability Engineering from RMIT University in Austrlia and École Spéciale des Travaux Publics in France to lead with knowledge and commitment.

His role as a Green Star Accredited Professional and Assessor reflects his dedication to continuous learning and application in the field. Ian is also a proud member of respected organizations such as the GBCA, the Institute of Engineers Australia, and AIRAH, where he collaborates with like-minded professionals to further the cause of sustainability.

Ian has been a part of the development of industry toolkits like InSite Water and BESS, contributing his expertise to the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) in various capacities. His hands-on approach has facilitated the integration of ESD solutions into hundreds of developments across Australia, always with a focus on practical, sustainable outcomes.

A firm believer in the power of education, Ian shares his knowledge and experience through lecturing roles at RMIT and Melbourne Universities, nurturing the next generation of professionals in sustainable design and city infrastructure. His workshops and training sessions for the GBCA are a testament to his commitment to sharing knowledge and fostering skill development in the industry.

Ian’s project portfolio showcases a range of initiatives where sustainability was brought to the forefront, including several that have been recognized with awards. Through a collaborative approach and a readiness to learn and adapt, Ian aims to assist projects and organizations in navigating the path to more sustainable operations, one step at a time.

Relevant experience with integrating sustainable design into the built environment includes:

  • Developing capital works sustainability guides for Councils such as Knox, Darebin, Whittlesea, Dandenong, Casey Brimbank and Hobson’s Bay;
  • Assisting the GBCA in technical development of Green Star tools, calculators and training materials
  • Facilitating the BESS, SDAPP and IWM workshops for Councils.
  • Helping numerous organisations deliver Greener Buildings, such as the Department of Defence, Sustainability Victoria, the DHS, and Victorian councils such as Brimbank, Darebin, the City of Yarra and Knox.
  • Regularly facilitating the Green Star Accredited Professional Workshops on behalf of the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA);
  • Green Star submissions such as documentation compilation for the 33 storey Old Treasury Building office tower and 4 other projects in Perth.
  • Assisting Frasers with their green star submission and to successfully deliver the Schenker Green Star interiors project at Tullamarine;
  • ESD project management and assessment of large scale developments – including cost benefit analyses to determine the most appropriate strategies such as blackwater treatment and reuse, utilisation of green/recycled concrete, solar hot water and rainwater reuse.
  • Green Star Auditor for over 400 projects for the GBCA including the Manningham Civic Precinct Hub (5 Star Green Star Public Buildings tool), RMIT Building 80 on Swanston St Melbourne (5 Star Green Star Education tool), The Pixel Building in Carlton (6 Star Green Star Office v3), The ANZ building in the Docklands (6 Star Green Star Office v3), The Sydney Opera house (Green Star Performance), The Docklands Library (6 Star Green Star Public Buildings tool), and the University of Queensland’s Education Gateways Building (EDGY) at the Springfield campus in QLD (5 Star Green Star Education tool).
  • Sustainability in buildings

    Sustainable Design has transformed the development industry in recent years.
    Organica Engineering has played a central role in this transformation, by integrating sustainable design into the built environment and allowing many organisations and major projects to improve their policies and processes, upgrade their buildings, and achieve Australian excellence or world leadership in their building projects.

    We can achieve this by applying the following processes and standards to our client’s projects:

    • Sustainable Design for building projects
    • Sustainability referrals services for Councils.
    • Cost benefit analysis and feasibility
    • Building Code Section J compliance
    • Green Star Certification
    • Green Star peer reviews and project sustainability management guidance
    • Bioregional One Planet Certification
    • Sustainable Design Assessment for planning applications
    • Council ESD officer and planner training in BESS, SDAPP and in Assessing Sustainable Design in Planning

    Our Products


    InSite Water is an Australian Tool for understanding and designing Water Sensitive Urban Designs in infill development.
    Visit our InSite Water website


    The South Australian Version of the InSite tool. Developed for Water Sensitive SA, it helps Councils to understand and approve stormwater plans for infill development.
    Visit our WSSA InSite Water website


    Ecomon are a range of smart, cloud enabled devices that monitor and report on a building’s energy, water, and gas usage.
    Visit our Ecomon website


    We currently offer fully automated online training for:
    – Sustainable Design Assessment for Planners (SDAPP training)
    – Water Sensitive Urban Design for Planners

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    RMIT University’s Advanced Manufacturing Precinct
    "Hi Ian, Thought you might like to know we achieved our 5 Star Green Star for our B55 project. Thanks for your assistance!”

    RMIT’s building 55 project manager

    Incoll (Savills) Melbourne Fitout 
    “We are very pleased to let you know that the Incoll Melbourne Fitout Project has achieved a 5 Star rating with 64 points having been awarded. As you can imagine we are ecstatic with this result. We wish to extend our thanks and gratitude to you for all your assistance throughout the Green Star submission process. Your assistance has been a valuable contribution in achieving our 5 star rating. It has also been a pleasure meeting you and working with you towards our Green Star Results. We look forward to any opportunity in the future to working with you again”.

    Incoll Management - now called the Savills Project Management Team

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