Integrated Water Management

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InSite Water is an integrated water management and stormwater assessment tool for use on small-scale development sites (less than 10,000 square metres) in Australia that need quick and accurate design answers. InSite will allow you to optimise design solutions to manage stormwater runoff, assessed against the Water Sensitive Urban Design WSUD policy and agreed Council performance criteria

Rainwater Tanks

Volume management reduces runoff volume, downstream flooding and helps restore stream flows. InSite water will help optimise the size of rainwater retention tanks and water infiltration pits.

Detention Tanks

Stormwater flow reduction (detention) protects existing Council stormwater assets that are nearing capacity or already overcapacity. InSite Water will help you size stormwater detention tanks to meet Council requirements.

Stormwater Quality

Improving stormwater runoff quality improves the health of our rivers and coastal areas. We help you design Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) treatments for smaller sites including: raingardens, infiltration, bioswales, swales and green roofs

Water Efficiency

InSite Water helps you specify water efficiency for your project to save money on bills and to increase your project’s drought resilience. This includes appropriate use of rainwater and water efficient appliances.

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Why Use InSite?

InSite Water integrated water management and stormwater assessment tool
Professional Solutions

Solutions for Civil and Environmental Engineers, ESD Consultants and Building Design Professionals. We help you to quickly create lot scale stormwater designs that meet Council and Water Authority requirements.

InSite integrated water management and stormwater assessment tool for use on small-scale development sites
Complete Council Solutions

We work with Councils to help simplify the stormwater approvals process for both applicants and for Council officers. Our software covers both engineering and environmental aspects of stormwater.

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Academic and Home Users

InSite Water has inbuilt training on designing stormwater systems to meet flood prevention guidelines and environmental outcomes. We support a free report for students and home users to learn about Integrated Water Management.

Water and Planning Authorities

We can customise the tool to meet your local conditions and policy objectives. Whether it's water saving for drought resilience, flood prevention, or environmental protection controls, we can provide a mechanism for the building industry to demonstrate compliance.

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"This kind of approach is the way forward for stormwater management"

"This is a common sense approach to site stormwater management. It is the way forward for consistent and positive outcomes for all parties.

I would recommend Insite to all Councils as the first step in overcoming the confusing and often contradictory approaches Council's have to site stormwater management.

Ray Walsh

Civil Engineer - Rapawa Civil Services


"InSite makes my work easier"

InSite’s wide range of scale and building functions has helped alleviate a lot of the guessing, without needing to be on site, or waiting for building managers to come back with plans or setups. Another equally important feature, is InSite’s function of predicting rainfall yield within a location. This saves a lot of manual calculations and time.

Lachlan Gadd

Smart Tank Project Engineer - Kingspan Water & Energy Pty Limited


"I wish you could persuade more Councils to get on board with InSite"

"InSite is an easy program to use for residential developments.

Obtaining an equivalent Storm score for multi unit developments using InSite is usually simpler and also cheaper for construction costs.

I would recommend every council get on board and make InSite a standard option alongside STORM and MUSIC. Having more tools to achieve the same goal would be great."

Steve Jury

Civil Engineer - SJG Associates


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