Lesson 4 – Planning Clauses for Sustainability

About Lesson 4 – Planning Clauses for Sustainability

An overview of where to find sustainability clauses within respective Planning Schemes for Councils.
Once you have watched the video, please ensure you have downloaded and read your Council's current sustainability related planning clauses.
The following are provided as examples of typical sustainability focused clauses in the planning scheme: Monash - Local Planning Policy - LPP Clause 22.13 - Environmentally Sustainable Development Policy Monash - Local Planning Policy - LPP Clause 22.04 - Stormwater Management Policy Monash - Municipal Strategic Statement - MSS Clause 21.13 - Sustainability and Environment Monash - Victorian Planning Policy Clause 55.07 - Better Apartment Design Standards You can search for your own Council's sustainable design related VPP, LPP and MSS clauses at: Planning Schemes Online (DELWP)

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